Amnesia Ibiza History

Amnesia Ibiza History – The Growth of a Giant

The number of Ibiza clubs has grown over the past 20 years to over 20, but only one has stamped its mark as been the best.

Amnesia Ibiza has struck global acclaim for their state of the art technology, sound system and DJ line-ups.

But how did it start? and how did it become such a global sensation? Well, we take a look at Amnesia Ibiza History from it’s humble beginning to becoming one of the greatest nightclubs in the world.

Amnesia Ibiza History

Amnesia Ibiza is a world renowned nightclub that originated from a family in the 1970s, located in San Rafael, Ibiza. Eventually, the building was given up but was soon re-discovered by Antonio Escohotado who signed a lease on the building in the mid 1970’s for, making him the new owner. This is only the beginning of Amnesia Ibiza history, it’s amazing how one man’s dream  now attracts thousands of people around the world.

The original building carried on through many generations, and was a meeting point for the revolutionary hippie movement and culture. At the time, the capacity was a total of 5,000 people.

Hippies in Ibiza

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Antonio Escohotado

Antonio Escohotado 1976

Antonio had always dreamt of a place where young people could come together to party and leave the worries of the world behind, and that would be Amnesia.

One of the original names for the club was “Workshop Of Forgetfulness”, but that wasn’t the catchiest name on the table, but with some thought Antonio eventually stumbled upon the word Amnesia, which is Greek for loss of memory.

It captured exactly his vision and it stuck, that would be the iconic name for what would be known as one of the greatest nightclubs of today, and for generations to come.

During the hippie movement, Rock N’ Roll became one of the first genres played at the club because back then, it was just a hippie hangout joint. Over the coming years more genres were introduced, like Disco, Electro and Pop.

House music that rapidly emerged from Chicago, to the island of Ibiza with the help of DJ Alfredo, the first one to expose the cultural Balearic beats to the crowds of the party island. Alfredo has since been deemed as one of the greatest DJs of all time.

Before he got his start as the Island’s greatest, he was selling candles and clothes around Ibiza to make a living, until he made his break at the nightclub. For the future of Amnesia, there was a mission in mind; it was meant to be a place where artists could show off their talents with any genre of music and it would happen throughout time.

Soon enough, the peak of Amnesia rose in the 1980’s. News of Amnesia spread like wildfire, attracting masses of people to the island and around the world. Famous faces like Shakira, Mick Jagger, Leonardo Dicaprio, Snoop Dogg, have attended the events. Ibiza was the first of its kind to become its own party island, and continues to live up to its potential each year.

Amnesia Ibiza History 90

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Amnesia Ibiza refurbishment

With time, comes change, and that meant it was ready for refurbishment. Amnesia needed an update, a farm building didn’t really fit the aesthetic of the club, so new and current management with Martin Ferrer, was ready to take Amnesia to a whole new level.

Although there was legal difficulties at some stages, Martin didn’t let that stop him and the nightclub expanded in more ways than one with 16 different bars and more employees than ever imagined.

Amnesia Ibiza history

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It was a hit, to say the least, and today it has two rooms, a main room and Terrace. The main room is low lit, and has a much darker setting, giving it a typical nightclub ambience. The terrace, that has a roof which allows the sunshine to come in and liven up the entire room and the crowd. Both rooms have dedicated artists for that area, and in order to attend, you must abide by their dress codes. Nothing too casual, and nothing too flaunty, you know?

Amnesia expanded their chain with the introduction of Pacha, Ushuaia, and Privilege Ibiza that attract many thousands from around the world but Amnesia is the best nightclub amongst all of them.​​

The company has expanded across the globe with locations like, Australia, London, Chile,  Capetown, South Africa, Bucharest, and many other locations. So, if you can’t make a trip to Ibiza, they’ll bring it to you.

Amnesia Ibiza Party

Their state of the art technology and sound has been admired from around the world for generations upon generations, making it a lifetime experience. No wonder they’ve been awarded and nominated for Best Global Club in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011, by the International Dance Music Awards in Miami, Florida and much more recognition. With that being said, if you’re looking for party central and to experience a culture unlike any other, Amnesia Ibiza has to be one of your destinations for an unforgettable time

Amnesia Survives The pandemic

Although party-goers from around the world have taken a huge loss when COVID-19 struck globally, Amnesia Ibiza has survived and now wants to make the last few months of the 2021 Ibiza season forever memorable by starting up 3 separate closing events. DJs and artists from all around are coming to Amnesia to celebrate these end of season events, so book your tickets now, but be cautious of the COVID-19 travel restrictions in your country, as they will apply to anyone.

DJs Artists including Armin Van Buuren, and David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldins, and so many others have announced their exciting new residencies!


Amnesia Ibiza closing party

The party go’s on, book your tickets now on their website. Amnesia:

Latest Amnesia Events

Note: Latest events will be added on next update:

Pyramid’s Closing Party: Sunday, October 10th, 2021 from 22:00-6:00.

Ticket price: 38.5 Euros.

Featured Artists: Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Kink Live, Mar-T,

Nina Kravis, Dax J, Luca Donzelli.


DO NOT SLEEP Closing Party: Tuesday October 12th, 2021, from 00:00-7:00.

Tickets: 38.50 Euros.

Featured artists: Patrick Topping, Paul Woolford, Cinthie, Gerd Janson, Archie Hamilton, Sidney Charles, and Chris Stussy.


Amnesia Closing Party: Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, from 22:00-6:00.

Tickets: 60.50 Euros.

Featured artists: Alfredo, Jeremy Healy, Alex P, Brandon Block, Jason Bye, The Blessed Madonna, Young Marco, and many others.


Amnesia Ibiza is the place to be. From rich history and culture, best nightlife experience with good food, and amazing people.

Who doesn’t like that?


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