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8 Best Beaches of Croatia – Where to Stay – Travel Guide

Oh, Croatia, the land of beautiful waterfalls and ancient Roman ruins! You might know about Croatia because of Game of Thrones, but the country is loaded with natural wonders like waterfalls, mountains, and beaches, which makes it a perfect tourist spot.

Let’s admit it; there’s nothing better than drinking cool lemonade while getting your tan on at the beach. And while Croatia may be a beautiful destination altogether, it is the Croatian beaches that catch the attention of tourists.

If you’re traveling to Croatia soon or even if you are a local, then visiting a Croatian beach should be at the top of your to-do list, but since the country has a lot of marvelous beaches, it might be challenging to decide where to go. Worry not; here is an extensive, detailed list of the best beaches of Croatia:

Top 8 Best Beaches of Croatia

1.  Rajska Plaża

Rajska Plaża, Croatia

Clear deep-water washes on the shore of Rajska Plaża Beach, which has been dubbed the “Paradise Beach” by the locals. The beach is not only family-friendly but also offers visitors a wide range of activities and has various sports and recreational facilities nearby.

Location: Municipality Lopar, Primorje–Gorski Kotar County, Region Kvarner, near Rab city, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: Apartments Rajska Plaża are lodgings only a little distance from the beach and offer free Wi-Fi, transport and are completely equipped. The accommodations are quite near the sea, so you can enjoy the stunning views from the balcony.

Popular Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, boating, water skiing, water polo, water sports, picigin (traditional ball game from Croatia that is played on the beach. It consists of players keeping a small ball from touching the water), beach volleyball and more.

2.  Spiaza Beach

Spiaza Beach, Best Beaches of Croatia

A dainty little shore on the Kvarner Islands, the Spiaza beach is the perfect place for family and friends. The tide on the Spiaza beach is often low, making it a safe spot for children and non-swimmers. The beach is situated on a fairly populated island, so you can always rely on loads of recreational activities and gastronomic services.

Location: Kvarner, Kvarner Islands, Susak, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: Several apartments are available for rent and booking near the beach.

Popular Activities: Swimming, paddle boarding, water sports like picigin, soccer, beach volleyball.

3.  Gornja Vala, Gradac

Gornja Vala, Gradac

One of the largest shingle beaches on the Adriatic, Gornja Vala stretches up to a few kilometers with the beautiful shadows of olive and pine trees. The beach is often crowded, all thanks to its gorgeous views, but still worth a visit.

Location: Gradac, Makarska Riviera, Dalmatia, Adriatic, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: Apartments Grozdana, Apartments Lončar, and Boutique Hotel Marco Polo are some of the best lodgings you can find, and they aren’t even a mile away.

Popular Activities: Have a shell of a time paddle boating, jet-skiing, playing volleyball and riding waterslides, and a banana boat ride.

4.  Nečujam Bay

Nečujam Bay, Croatia

If you don’t like crowds and would rather have a fairy-tale picnic on a secluded beach, then the Nečujam Bay beach is the right fit for you. The bay hides eight coves and is accessible by kayak or boat.

Location: Island of Šolta, Dalmatia, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: You can stay on the beach for a couple of days as there are small houses and rooms available for rent.

Popular Activities: Hiking, swimming, cove exploration, boating, scuba diving, and kayaking.

5.  Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

The Golden Cape or the Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat beach is a local favorite; it has beach amenities suitable for adults and children and is located near several bars, cafes, and restaurants. It hosts several local events and offers tourists and visitors the chance to explore its baroque and renaissance buildings.

Location: 2 kilometers west of Bol harbor, Island of Brač, Dalmatia, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: The Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel is a family-friendly hotel only 0.3 km from the beach, and if you’re looking into an adults-only lodging, then you can head toward the Lifestyle Hotel Vitar, which is only one and a half km away.

Popular Activities: Water sports like tube, sofa, fly fish, skiing, parachuting, etc., at the local Aquapark, beach massage, swimming, and more.

6.  Punta Rata

Punta Rata beach

A mystical cape surrounded by pine trees, the Punta Rata beach is a bumpy shore of pebbles that made its name to the Forbes List of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2004. With its natural landmark of the Brela Stone, the beauty of the Punta Rata beach often finds its way on postcards; this picturesque beach is what your Instagram feed needs to attract followers!


Where You Can Stay: The Bluesun Hotel Marina, the Villa Lenka, and Mate Ivanac, and the Villa King Apartments are some popular tourist accommodations.

Popular Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, jet skiing, picigin, tubing, banana boat riding, water scooting, parasailing, and snorkeling.

7.  Telašćica Bay

Telašćica Bay, Croatia

Masked between limestone mountains and catching sparkling waves, the Telašćica Bay is a natural gemstone. With an old Mediterranean aura, the beach attracts tourists solely for its looks. Yet, the various beach activities, the nearby recreational facilities, and the soulful food served at the onsite cafes and bars make it a popular tourist hub.

Location: Center of Easter coast of Adriatic Sea, Dugi Otok Island, northern Dalmatia, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: The Holiday Home Telašćica Bay in Uvala Magrovica, Sali, will keep you comfortable, homely, and satisfied.

Popular Activities: Swimming, kayaking, canoeing, water sports, etc.

8.  Kraljičina Plaža

Kraljičina Plaža, Croatia

The Kraljičina Plaža is so picturesque and breathtaking that it is named the “Queen” Beach. There couldn’t be a more befitting name; the beach is your classy holiday destination but takes everything up a notch. Romantic getaways, family vacations, a casual trip with friends; whatever you plan, the Kraljičina Plaža will not disappoint you.

Location: Sabunike, Nin, Croatia

Where You Can Stay: Multiple private lodgings like the Apartments Adrian, Dejanović Marin, and the Apartments Anica, Sekovanić Anica can be considered for a relaxing stay.

Popular Activities: Canoeing, kayaking, bowling, windsurfing, snorkeling, Picigin, and beach volleyball.

best beaches of Croatia

Croatia is an aesthetically pleasing country, and its natural beauties like beaches, waterfalls, and coves make it an all-in-one package. Tourists love the country and keep returning over and over because that’s how good the beaches are, and you just can’t stop at one. These best beaches of Croatia are so attractive that we want to go there.

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